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A gift from the pristine mountains beyond Byron Bay, Mount Warning Mineral Water is filtered by nature through layers of ancient volcanic rock. Its journey to the underground aquifer takes many quiet years, and comes to you mineral rich, with our still variety being naturally alkaline, and our lightly sparkling being gently effervescent.

Our Source

‘Gumerah’ – Living Water

Our Water is sourced and bottled from water that flows deep below the foothills of an ancient volcano. Mount Warning-Wollumbin rises out of the rainforest in the heart of Bundjalung country in Northern New South Wales.

For thousands of years subtropical rains have blown in from vast expanses of untouched Pacific Ocean. They have showered the mountain and the surrounding volcanic rim, filtering deep down into the land below.

This has created a precious underground water source, filtered by layers of ancient volcanic rock (Yaru means Rock in Bundjalung). The water that flows through this rock is high in minerals and naturally alkaline* (*still water).